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Links to NHS Digital Terminology service tools and endpoints

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NHS Digital Terminology Service

Full details of the NHS Digital Terminology service can be found on the service page

Service Status

The service has been migrated successfully and is in full operation - hypercare support will be in place until the 25th of October.

Authoring Tool Access

The Authoring Tool is comprised of Snapper:Author and Snapper:Map components. To access both components follow the links below.

Snapper:Author enables the creation and maintenance of the FHIR® terminology resources: CodeSystem, ValueSet, and ConceptMap.

Snapper:Map streamlines ConceptMap authoring and maintenance

API Endpoints

  • API Endpoints - Authoring Server (FHIR®): https://ontology.nhs.uk/authoring/fhir
  • API Endpoints - Analytic Production Server (FHIR®): https://ontology.nhs.uk/production1/fhir
  • API Endpoints - Clinical Production Server (FHIR®): https://ontology.nhs.uk/production2/fhir
  • Access Token URL: https://ontology.nhs.uk/authorisation/auth/realms/nhs-digital-terminology/protocol/openid-connect/token
  • auth URL: https://ontology.nhs.uk/authorisation/auth/realms/nhs-digital-terminology/protocol/openid-connect/auth

The Clinical Production Server is only accessible with specific agreement from NHS Digital - contact information.standards@nhs.net to request access.

Terminology Browsing Tools

Useful tools for browsing terminology resources.

User and Community Admin

Admin Tool Access

OntoCommand provides a dashboard interface for interacting with a FHIR® Terminology Server.

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